Swarm: 脅威情報の分散化
Swarm: Decentralizing the Threat Intelligence Market (英語講演)





Blockchain-based smart contracts provide a distributed and trustless computational infrastructure. People have used these Ethereum contracts to build Distributed Autonomous Organizations (DOAs), games, prediction markets, distributed storage and more. By and large, these “distributed applications” are insular to their blockchain ecosystem (Ethereum, and perhaps Tezos in the future).

With Swarm, we’re trying something new: we’re using smart contracts to design and develop an entirely new threat intelligence market. Swarm’s market incentives will always ensure the latest malware detection capabilities, covering far more threats than is possible in today’s market.

Swarm’s byproduct is big data. Swarm market participants will publish a large number of suspect artifacts (files, network traffic, URLs) and security experts will compete to best determine which suspect artifacts are malicious or benign. We expect the majority of Swarm transactions will happen in the open in this manner, allowing anyone to benefit from a huge new data source in honing their in-house threat detection capabilities and perhaps participate in the market as well.